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Hi there, Year 5!


Q1. (Pictures) A - Mrs Barker, B - Mr Turner, C - Mrs Withey, D - Miss Horton

Q2. (Birth places) A - Mrs Barker, B - Mrs Withey, C - Miss Horton, D - Mr Turner

Q3. (Hobbies) A - Mr Turner, B - Mrs Withey, C - Mrs Barker, D - Miss Horton

Q4. (Food) A - Miss Horton, B - Mr Turner, C - Mrs Barker, D - Mrs Withey 

Q5. (Drink) A - Mrs Withey, B - Miss Horton, C - Mrs Barker, D - Mr Turner

Q6. (Embarrassing Facts) A - Mr Turner, B - Miss Horton, C - Mrs Withey, D - Mrs Barker

It's week 5 and it's quiz time!  Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and get ready for some questions about your teachers!!



Weekly Challenge
Set up your own quiz this week and test it out on your family and friends!  Choose a theme - perhaps it could be school related, about animals, every answer could start with the same letter, or it could be all about you!!  Send us some examples on the help email and we'll try to answer them :)
Here are some examples:

Free Printable Roald Dahl Quiz | Party Delights BlogGeneral Knowledge Trivia Cards for Quizzes Freebie | General ...

Don't forget to check out the virual book fair this week - look at the front page of the home learning section.
There's new learning in the folders to the right too and it's important to keep using Oxford Reading Buddy and Times Tables Rock Stars each week to practise those important skills!



Six Badges of Summer: The new challenge YOU can get involved in ...

- Six Badges of Summer:

Silly Squad

- Have you signed up to the Summer Reading Challenge yet?  Follow the link below for more information:
- Send us photos or any questions you have to the 'help' email 
- The NSPCC virtual assembly with Ant and Dec is definitely worth a watch:
- There's an additional Y5 activity booklet at the bottom of the page - you may prefer to try some of these short tasks.
- If you're struggling setting up a routine, try the Supporting Home Learning Routines document below - keep checking the topic page - we've put some new activities on there too!
 - The Fieldwork Studies Council are posting fieldwork live lessons for children to get involved
- NatWest MoneySense are offering children the chance to learn life skills interactively every Monday morning
Take care of each other, continue to stay safe and try your best in the learning tasks we have set you this week.
Keep going Year 5 - you can do it!  We are so proud of you!
Mrs Barker, Mrs Withey, Miss Horton and Mr Turner :)