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Year 4 Maths - Week 02 beginning 30th March

This is where you will find the home learning for the week beginning 30th March. 

We are carrying on with some more number revision. Not all that challenging but vital skills for the children. 

Why not visit TopMarks website and do some of the Daily 10 Challenges that link in with that day's topic. The children know them and enjoy checking their answer. You can set your own difficulty level as well as time given between each question.  Can they challenge themselves to beat their previous score or time?

The link is on here and in Helpful Resources. Have fun!

For Tuesday's work children, please remember which place value column you need to look at... always the place value column to the right of that to which you are rounding. 

Again have a look at Daily 10 Challenge (Level 4 Rounding) Have a go!

Friday 3rd April

Today the children are completing an assessment all to do with Number and Place Value - the topic we have been working in this last two weeks. You do not have to print this off - you could just write the answers in your exercise book. Remember to take your time and read the questions carefully. There are no prizes for finishing fastest ... :D 

There will be no work set on here for the next two weeks as it is the EASTER HOLIDAYS! So, have fun, relax and be creative in your use of time while staying safe at home. Enjoy!