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Year 6: Bude - update

Here's the latest update from Year 6 in Bude... check out the Gallery too!

Monday 24th June: Update at 5.45pm: 

Firstly, well done to all the year 6 parents for getting everyone to school promptly this morning. We've heard that some were awake from 3am and, I'd imagine some had to be dragged from their beds to make it on time. Hopefully most were somewhere between those two extremes. Thank you!

After multiple headcounts we eventually hit the road. As we made our way down Moordale Avenue we had the obligatory:
'There's my house!'
'My nan used to live there!'
'My uncle's neighbour's second cousin's dentist is moving into number 43!'

Things began to settle and the electronics, playing cards and rubix cubes were out promptly.

We stopped off at around 09.45 for a break and to use the facilities. The gleaming golden arches and the freedom to be away from the parents was too much of a draw for some. No names being named.. But more than one Mcflurry was consumed at 9.50am!

We made it to Bude at around 1pm and it was a quick turnaround to drop our bags and get ready for the afternoon activities . Mr Turner and Mrs Read wiped the sleep from their eyes after 40 winks on the coach! 

With no time to waste it was into wetsuits and helmets for some and wet shoes and trackies for others. 

The children are loving it so far and currently doing some early evening activities with their tutors before dinner. Keep an eye on our twitter page for photos and brief updates.

Don't miss us too much. 😊
Year 6