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Year 6: Bude - Thursday update - last full day...

It's the last full day in Bude for Year 6...

Thursday 27th June: Update at 7pm: Check out the photos in the Gallery (News & Events)

We have had a scorcher here in Bude on what is the last full day of activities. The children are starting to pack their bags and sort out their rooms ahead of tomorrow's final activity in the morning. We are aiming to leave here for 11.30am so will keep parents posted on our progress.

Tonight we have the traditional award ceremony which brings our week of adventures to a close. Children have the chance to win a number of awards for their contributions this week, so keep an eye out for the winners on Twitter tonight.

With tired bodies, the children have battled through today and many have shown resilience and determination to overcome their fears.  The satisfaction of a face that's just caught their first wave or reached the trapeze on 'leap of faith' is something that can't really be replicated. We are so proud of what they have achieved. 

The drying room is another thing that has to be seen (or rather smelled) to be believed. We won't miss that! 

Miss Hatley and Mrs Read both shared their birthdays today and whilst they will be missing their families, it's safe to say that a sunny day in Bude isn't a bad way to start off a new year. They have both been superstars this week. 

Our accommodation is on the top floor so those of you who keep an eye on your daily steps will be jealous of our numbers this week. The children have been so active that they've needed all of the hearty meals provided by the kitchen.  Be prepared for some sleepy souls tomorrow night!

It has been a brilliant week and the children will definitely hold onto these memories for a long time. They're excited to see you all tomorrow and keep an eye on Twitter and the website for our ETA. 

Ciao for NOW.