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Year 3: Romans for a day!

Year 3 looked amazing in their Roman costumes today and had great fun with Roman-themed activities......

 Year 3 enjoyed a great day dressed as Romans today, 9th November. Soldiers, Kings and Emperors mixed with Gladiators and Queens in an outstanding array of costumes.

All 3 classes came together in the hall and formed a marching Testudo (Tortoise).  In this formation, the soldiers were protected when approaching enemy fortifications.  The soldiers in the middle placed their shields above their heads to form a protective 'shell' and those on the outside interlocked their shields to protect them from the sides.

The teachers tried hard to break the formation with an attack of (foam) spears! But our Romans stood firm and fought them off!

Well done Year 3 - what a great day!  CLICK HERE for more photos