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Remembrance Assembly

Meadow Vale hosted a Remembrance Assembly today, Friday 10th November, and we were joined by several members of the Binfield branch of The Royal British Legion........

Remembrance Assembly – Meadow Vale Primary School – Friday 10th November 2017

Meadow Vale Primary School welcomed veterans from the Binfield branch of The Royal British Legion to a special Remembrance Assembly on the morning of Friday 10th November.  The assembly began with a ceremonial welcome of the Standards which included the flag of the 3rd Binfield Brownies.  Year 1 and 2 children began the assembly singing a song all about poppies.

A special and fascinating story was told by children in upper school, surprisingly about Jelly Babies (yes, the sweets). These were originally called Peace Babies and were manufactured in this country to mark the end of World War I. Production of these popular sweets halted during World War II due to food shortages and then restarted after the War but they were renamed Jelly Babies.  The different colours are said to represent various countries involved in the War and they also have a Christian significance; the red Jelly Baby has a ‘B’ on its chest representing the blood of Jesus, the black one has a heart representing the darkness in the world, the yellow one has a necklace representing the treasures and riches that Jesus bestows upon us. The pink one is a baby which represents being born again, the orange one has a bum-bag reminding us to be prepared to walk with Jesus and the green one is crying and represents the sadness in the world.  Who thought that Jelly Babies were so significant?

After readings and prayers, a spray of poppies was presented to The British Legion on behalf of all of the children and a wreath of poppies was also laid.

The Last Post heralded a minute’s silence with time for everyone to reflect on the meaning of this special service.  The whole school left the assembly listening to the National Anthem.

Our special thanks go to the members of the Binfield branch of The Royal British Legion who joined us in school for our Remembrance Assembly, and to Mrs Karen Hatt who co-ordinated the arrangements including the involvement of her 3rd Binfield Brownies.  The school was presented with a certificate from the British Legion marking Meadow Vale’s contribution of almost £800 to the Binfield Poppy Appeal 2016 which, in total, amounted to over £20,000.

Several pupils representing Meadow Vale will also attend a service at the Binfield War Memorial on Saturday 11th November.