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Year 3 Visit the Zoo

Read all about Year 3's recent visit to the zoo...........

Year 3 children enjoyed a great day out at Whipsnade Zoo on Thursday 10th May.  We travelled in two coaches and on arrival we split into groups – some groups went around the zoo together and during the day we often met up to enjoy some of the animal talks.

The first thing some of us did was the Lemur Walk – we walked through the enclosure and the lemurs were jumping along the fence right next to us!  It was really funny and brilliant to be so close to them. We weren't allowed to touch them but they seemed very happy to be near us.  Next we enjoyed looking at the chimpanzees but they were being quite lazy, laying around in the sunshine.  We saw the brown bears but they were at the back of their enclosure – later in the day, other groups saw them very close up and they were play fighting right in front of them!  The penguins were enjoying a nice swim when we arrived – When Mrs Davies’ group visited them, they were all lined up alongside the pool with one standing in front of them all – they looked like a teacher and a class!

We saw White Rhinos and Bongos on the way to watch the sea lion talk.  Dominic the large, male sea lion gave a great demonstration of how well he obeys hand commands (nearly all of the time!) and we loved watching him climb out of the pool and dive back in.  His trainer even taught him to retrieve some plastic bottles from the pool and she explained how dangerous plastics can be when they get into our oceans.  After our picnic lunch, some of us went to the butterfly house, others took a cheeky ride on the steam train which went right through the fields of deer and camels and past the elephant house.  We also saw an Amur tiger who walked down to his water pool just as we arrived but he didn’t go in for a swim!. Quite a few of us managed to meet up for the bird display which was brilliant; there was a kestrel who hovered above us and then a young eagle flew around the open air arena. Next was a Harris hawk and he flew really close to our heads! At the end, there were some beautiful, brightly coloured birds who flew around in pairs; scarlet macaws, blue and gold macaws, African grey parrots and also six whistling ducks! It was so cool!

Finally, we went to see the cheetahs, zebras, flamingos and the hippos in the Africa zone. The lions were not in their enclosure but we did manage to see some African hunting dogs and, of course, the graceful giraffes. All of the animals were amazing and we loved our day at the zoo! You can take a look at our photos here: