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Helpful resources to further develop children's mathematical knowledge.

On this page you will find some fantastic and helpful resources to further develop your child's maths skills. 

Fluent in Five Daily Challenges.
This section consists of daily challenges which could be used as a morning warm up or for general practise. They are very quick activities which will help children with their fluency (ability to perform mathematical problems quickly and accurately).

Rapid Reasoning
This section consists of a variety of questions deigned to help children develop and practise their reasoning skills. Third Space Learning state 'Regular opportunities for children to practise, recap and apply their reasoning and problem solving skills are is what makes 'maths' rather than just an exercise in recalling and following instructions or facts'. 

Times Tables
Here, you will find some times tables worksheets to go alongside Times Tables Rock Stars. Again, this could be used as a daily warm up or as a little 'keep them busy' activity. 


We do hope these are useful for you! Whilst they labelled weekly, feel free to dip in and out of them as and when.