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Lesson 4

Six Places to Visit Investigation

Using the Nrich tab on the right, have a look at this investigation.  Look carefully at the map.  Starting at your house, try to describe the journey to each of the six places.  You'll need to describe the bends in the road [how many degrees they turn] and which way to turn at junctions.  You live in the yellow house at the bottom of the map and there are six places to visit:
1. Relations who live in the tall house;
2. Friends who live in the house with trees;
3. The wide school building;
4. The blue church;
5. The health centre with blue roof and pink walls;
6. The little pink shop which is leaning over.
Once you have completed the first map, try the 2nd map too.  Then if you feel up for a challenge have a go at completing the 3rd map.  All maps are included in the files below.  

The answers are included in the solution tab to the right.