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Literacy Resources

New writing and fine motor activities will be added here each week

  1. Summer Themed Cutting Sheets.PDF File

  2. All about Airports.PDF File

  3. Air Transport Presentation.PDF File

  4. All about Airports.PDF File

  5. Fine Motor Actiivty Cards.PDF File

  6. Fine Motor Skills Washing Line Peg Activity.PDF File

  7. Fine Motor Spider Worksheet.PDF File

  8. Place Word Cards.PDF File

  9. Boards for Game.PDF File

  10. Cards for Game.PDF File

  11. Word List for Game.PDF File

  12. Initial Sounds Challenge.PDF File

  13. I Spy and Read Activity - Phase 2 Set 1.PDF File

  14. Jungle Animal Facts.PDF File

  15. What am I - Jungle Animals.PDF File

  16. Jungle Pencil Control Sheets.PDF File

  17. Jungle Cutting Sheets.PDF File

  18. Seaside Missing Sounds Activity.PDF File

  19. CVC Initial Sound Activity.PDF File

  20. Sealife Flashcards.PDF File

  21. Seaside Word Mats.PDF File

  22. Fine Motor and Letter Formation Fun.PDF File

  23. Sealife Flashcards.PDF File

  24. Sea Life Word Cards.PDF File

  25. Letter Formation Phase 2.PDF File

  26. Fine Motor Activity Pack.PDF File

  27. Alphabet Formation Activity.PDF File

  28. Alphabet cards A-Z.PDF File

  29. Superhero-Themed Scissor Skills Activity Sheets.PDF File

  30. Superhero Pencil Control Sheet.PDF File

  31. Answers I Spy.PDF File

  32. Checklist for I Spy.PDF File

  33. I Spy.PDF File

  34. Phase 2 Simple Sentences to Read.PDF File

  35. Phase 2 Sentences.PDF File

  36. Phase 2 Captions.PDF File

  37. Forms of transport.PPTX File

  38. Transport Maze to support Pencil Control.PDF File

  39. Mark Making Patterns.PDF File

  40. Connect the Dots Pencil Control.PDF File

  41. Farm Pencil Control Sheet.PDF File

  42. Frog Leap Pencil Control Sheet.PDF File

  43. Name the Animal.PDF File

  44. Pets and their Animal Homes.PPT File

  45. Initial Sounds Activity.PDF File

  46. Pets Colouring Sheets.PDF File

  47. Pets Dot to Dots.PDF File

  48. 10 Little Dinosaur Colouring Sheets.PDF File

  49. Dinosaur Pencil Control Activities.PDF File

  50. Dinosaur Pre Writing Activity.PDF File

  51. Dinosaur Fact Cards.PDF File

  52. Dinosaur Information Matching Game.PDF File

  53. Dinosaur Alphabet Practice Cards.PDF File

  54. All about Dinosaurs.PDF File

  55. Key Dinosaurs Words.PDF File

  56. Supporting Letter Formation.PDF File

  57. Fine Motor Challenge Cards.PDF File

  58. SATPIN Sorting Activity.PDF File

  59. Animal Sounds on the Farm.PDF File

  60. My Farm Cut Out Pictures.PDF File

  61. On the Farm.PDF File

  62. Animal Masks.PDF File

  63. Thomas Cutting Book.PDF File

  64. Name Writing Mat Activity.PDF File

  65. Life cycle of a butterfly.PDF File

  66. In Spring Presentation.PPT File

  67. All about Spring.PPT File

  68. Cutting Practice Tasks.PDF File

  69. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Colouring Sheets.PDF File

  70. Name Writing Mat 2.PDF File

  71. Bunny Hops Writing Pattern Practice.PDF File

  72. Connect the Dots Pencil Control Sheets.PDF File