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Medicines in School:

We understand that it is sometimes necessary for medication to be administered during the school day.  This may be on a short term or longer term basis.  In order for us to administer any medication, parental (or legal guardian) permission is required by completing and signing the attached form/s.  Medication will not be accepted in school unless this form has been completed and signed by the parent/legal guardian of the child and administration of the medicine has been agreed by the Headteacher.

Please print off the appropriate form, complete and sign it and return it to the school office.

Absence from school due to sickness/diarrhoea:

If your child is absent from school and has been vomiting or had diarrhoea, please note that they must not return to school until a clear 24hours after the last bout of vomiting/diarrhoea. This will help to minimise the spread of any bugs etc. 

Flu Vaccinations for children in Reception/Year 1/Year 2/Year 3/Year 4/Year 5

The NHS School Immunisation Team will be delivering the flu vaccination to pupils in these year groups on Tuesday 9th October 2018.  The vaccination is given in the form of a nasal spray. Consent forms will be required for all children.  Please see the letter below and Parent/Carer Information Pack.