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Pupil Premium at Meadow Vale

Meadow Vale was invited by David Laws MP, Minister for Schools, to become a National School Pupil Premium Reviewer.  This is in recognition of our work with Pupil Premium pupils and the school joins a national list of 220 schools who offer support and advice in effective use of Pupil Premium funding.  In comparison to the national average, Meadow Vale Pupil Premium pupils achieve very highly and the attainment gap between peers is closing rapidly.

We have high aspirations and ambitions for our pupils and we believe that no pupil should be left behind.  We strongly believe that it is not about where you come from, but your passion and thirst for knowledge, and your dedication and commitment to learning, that make the difference between success and failure. We are determined to ensure that our pupils are given every chance to maximise their full potential.

Background to Pupil Premium Funding

Pupil Premium is a government initiative that targets extra money at pupils from deprived backgrounds. Research shows that pupils from deprived backgrounds, underachieve compared to their non-deprived peers.  The Premium is provided to enable these pupils to be supported to reach their potential.  The Government has used pupils entitled to free school meals (FSM), looked after children (LAC), and service children, as indicators of deprivation; providing a fixed amount of money for schools per pupil, based on the number of pupils registered for FSM, over a rolling six year period.  At Meadow Vale, we will be using the indicator of those eligible for FSM, as well as identified vulnerable groups, as our target pupils to ‘diminish the difference’ for, regarding attainment.

Our Approach

Money has been ring-fenced and used to benefit all Pupil Premium pupils. We have established clear lines of responsibility, with a member of the senior leadership team and a link governor, taking responsibility for Pupil Premium.

At Meadow Vale, our proportion of FSM pupils, is below national average. However, Pupil Premium funding is currently approximately £133,000.  This represents a significant proportion of our budget and we have planned our spending carefully, to ensure that it is spent to maximum effect.  This has meant making informed decisions about our spending such as:

  • Ensuring that spending is directly linked to gaps in attainment;
  • Making use of our own data to expand existing interventions;
  • Making sure there is at least good teaching on a day to day basis and ensuring targeted pupils receive ‘wrap around’ family support to encourage a positive attitude to learning;
  • All staff are aware of areas for development in the school in terms of: subjects, year groups and focus pupils;
  • Money is used to benefit all Pupil Premium pupils and supports higher, as well as lower ability children, by extending provision on offer.


Non-Academic Pupil Premium Focus and Impact  2016-2017


Impact of Activity

Forest Schools & Berkshire Maestros

(Year 4)

Forest Schools had a positive impact and developed the following for many of the pupils who were involved: social skills; public speaking; general confidence; collaboration skills; problem solving skills; real life skills e.g. wood whittling; focus and communication skills. The programme provided the pupils with opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise experienced and this contributed to building their character profiles.

The weekly Berkshire Maestros sessions provided the pupils with the tools to develop and sustain an understanding and appreciation of a range of musical skills. The ultimate outcome being their ability to play and perform on an instrument at, the very least, a basic level. Again, this is the kind of opportunity that some pupils would not have otherwise accessed, so the impact and outcome is almost immeasurable.   

Welfare Fund

(Uniforms, PE Kit, Shoes, Dressing up)

Essentials and extras were provided for families on the poverty line, or who needed the extra support.

Acorn Club

Mornings & Lunchtimes

Morning Club was available for pupils who suffered separation and anxiety, easing them into school within a nurturing environment, to help them manage those worries.

Lunch Club supported those with special needs and emotional difficulties. It gave them quiet time away from playground to have fun in a calm and structured environment.

Swimming (Year 5)

The progress and confidence that the majority of pupils made in these weekly sessions across their allocated term was immense. The highly qualified instructors encouraged and challenged them, and many developed a range of strong swimming techniques that could ultimately, one day save their life. Spending sustained periods of time in the water, allowed the pupils to communicate with each other in alternative ways that differed to within the classroom setting and for some of them, even instilled a sense of competitiveness.   

Holiday Club Funding

This provided respite for pupils who had lots of difficult, emotional situations at home e.g. where parents did not have the finance to take them out; had personal problems such as separation/divorce; bereavement or heath related issues.   

After School/Breakfast Club Funding

This provided occasional support for a family going through separation or already single parent families.

Lunchtime Coaches (In2Sport)

The implementation of the lunchtime coaches proved to be an asset to the longest social time of the school day. Their presence and leadership of various activities, encouraged a larger number of pupils to be more focused and engaged in their level of play. Communication skills of the pupils developed and afternoon learning sessions were able to start more swiftly and smoothly, as a result of the coaches being able to address any incidents as they arose.  

Educational Visits Fund

The experiences that the pupils were provided with were vast. Each trip/visit enhanced the pupils’ engagement of a topic being studied and added to the awe and wonder element of their education. Trips organised, also promoted the uptake of other eligible families applying for Pupil Premium funding. 

Educational Interventions

(e.g. Nurture Group Staffing, SENCo, FSA, Booster)

These bespoke interventions uniquely addressed pupils’ and/or families’ well being, as and when they were needed. Steps were taken to integrate pupils back into the mainstream classroom at a pace suitable to their needs, and communication between relevant staff members was thorough and frequent. Pupils were identified for any 1:1 liaisons and these sessions were put in place accordingly.  

Non-Academic Pupil Premium Allocation Proposal 2017-2018



Outline of Activity

Forest Schools


Attendance for Year 4 pupils in the Forest Schools initiatives.

Welfare Fund

(Uniforms, PE Kit, Shoes, Dressing up)


Support given to vulnerable families for items such as school uniform, food vouchers and general care issues.

Acorn Club

Mornings & Lunchtimes


This a club set up for vulnerable pupils at lunchtimes and mornings to reduce the pressure of being outside on the playground.

Swimming (Y5)


Attendance for 12 weeks for Year 5 pupils at Harmans Water Swimarium.

Lunchtime Coaches (In2Sport)


This initiative involves funding for two sports coaches to lead activities on the artificial pitch and playground over lunchtimes to manage behaviour and provide structure.

Educational Visits Fund


This is to provide financial assistance for families to enable pupils to attend educational visits (see addition wording below)

Educational Interventions

(e.g. Nurture Group Staffing, SENCo, FSA, Booster, Therapies)


This covers a range of intervention groups for our more vulnerable pupils across the school and SATs Intervention groups for Year 6.


Academic Pupil Premium Focus 2017-2018

Year Group





Extension phonics, small group literacy and maths support –




Phonics, sentence composition, sight reading 100 frequency words, 1:1 reading support daily, maths LSA support in lower ability group –

EXP  45%   R,W,M combined

EXP+ 12%  R,W,M combined



1:1 reading support daily, LSA small group support in oral comprehension, written comprehension, handwriting group, spelling group, sentence structure and composition group, maths times tables and number bonds group

EXP   45% R,W,M combined

EXP+  12% R,W,M combined



1:1 reading support daily, LSA small group support in comprehension, handwriting, spelling and maths times tables

EXP   55% R,W,M combined

EXP+  12% R,W,M combined



Small group support for guided reading, comprehension, 1:1 reading, times tables and handwriting

EXP   50% R,W,M combined

EXP+ 12% R,W,M combined



Support for 1:1 reading, guided reading and times tables

EXP   50% R,W,M combined

EXP+  12% R,W,M combined



Small group support for 1:1 reading, guided reading, SPAG and maths, Booster sessions for SATs prep.

EXP   55% R,W,M combined

EXP+ 6% R,W,M combined


Children in receipt of the pupil premium funding are automatically entitled to funding for educational visits. However, the school has an educational visits fund, the aim of which is to provide financial assistance to those families unable to meet the full cost of educational activities. Any requests for assistance are considered on a case by case basis by the fund’s trustees in complete confidence. You may like to discuss your situation informally with either Mrs Forrester (Headteacher)or Karen Bush (Family Support Adviser), again in confidence.