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W/C 18th May - Instructions

I am sure you have all been doing lots of interesting things, like baking cakes, craft and design activities and playing games!  We would love you to write some instructions on one of these activities this week. 

Remember how we wrote instructions about something linked with our Anglo-Saxon topic (perhaps it was how to build a den or how to make a rune)?   Think back to the learning you did in school!

Step 1

Complete the tasks in the 'reading folder'.  

Step 2

Read through the example instructional texts below.  What features do they have?

Can you find a title?  Are they written in numbered steps?  Do you remember what imperative verbs are and where they are used?  Look at the success criteria below to check is the example texts have these features and then use this list when you write your own!

Step 3

Watch this video, which will tell you more about writing instructions:

Have a go at writing your own!  Use the success criteria again to check you are including as much of these as possible.  There's some info on imperative verbs below that may help!