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Week 06 (week beginning 11th May)

Monday- Use the link below to help you combine art and music skills:

You can divide a page in your home learning book or use a separate piece of paper, it's up to you. You can also use the music clips Emily is using, or choose your own once you have watched the instructional video. If you want to, once you have done your mark making, you could add colour to some of the sections depending on how the music makes you feel (for example bright colours for cheery music and darker colours for more sombre or angry music perhaps). 


Happy Birthday to You - Wikipedia

Today is a special day - it would have been Florence Nightingale's 200th birthday! 

I would like you to do some research to answer the following questions into your books:

          1) When and where was Florence Nightingale born?

          2) When did she die?

          3) What was her job?

          4) Why was she famous?

          5) What nickname was she given by the soldiers?

          6) Is there anything else you think is interesting about Florence Nightingale's life/ work/ legacy?

A good place to start for your research is:

I have put an answer sheet below for you to check when you are finished too. 

Wednesday - Today we are going to practice our debating skills by preparing a balanced argument. 

Choose a statement from the list below (or come up with your own if you like):

          1) It is OK to keep animals as pets

          2) School holidays should be extended 

          3) School uniform should be banned

          4) Students should be allowed to use the Internet unsupervised

          5) Girls can't play football

          6) Doctors and nurses should receive a bonus when the pandemic is over

Create a 'for' and 'against' table (there is an example below). Remember, in order for an argument to be balanced, you must have ideas for both sides. Try to have at least 3 points for 'for', and 3 for 'against'.

If you want to, you can then turn this into a presentation, write it up as a paragraph, or even have a debate with someone in your household or virtually with a friend. 

Thursday - You and your families may step outside each Thursday evening to clap in support of our NHS workers. But I wonder if you know when or why the NHS first started? Do you remember celebrating its 70th birthday two years ago in year 1? 

Use this link: and any other research you would like to do to find out all about the NHS. 

You can present your facts however you'd like - explain what you have found to a member of your household, share your facts virtually with your friends, create a poster, create a fact file, make a mind map, bullet's up to you!

Friday- You may remember that the Maya civilisation believed in many Gods. I wonder if you can remember any?

Check out the information and videos on this link to remind you of a few:

Your job today is to create your own God. Draw a picture of your God first (is it human? an animal? a mixture?).

Then make a fact file underneath it with this information:

  • God's name: 
  • God of:
  • Special powers/skills:
  • Gifts this God likes to receive: 

It might look almost like a top trump card.