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Week 08- Beginning 1st June 2020

Monday 1st June- Mental Arithmetic- Adding and subtracting.
Welcome back! Hope you all had a relaxing half term and enjoyed the lovely weather we have been fortunate to have!

This week, we will be getting back into the swing of practising our times tables knowledge. Each day, you will have a small times tables warm up to complete before carrying out the main maths activity of the day! Remember, you can also use Times Tables Rockstars to help with your times tables knowledge as well as other resources found in 'Helpful resources to further develop children's mathematical knowledge' tab on the right side of this page!

To ease you back into learning slowly, today you will be practising your adding and subtracting arithmetic mentally. This means that you should be able to do these in your head😊 However, you can of course use your fingers or a number line if you need to. Why not challenge yourself further by timing yourself if see how long it takes you to do these? Can you beat your time?

Happy Monday!

Tuesday 2nd June - Formal Written Method for Adding and Subtracting. 
Good morning, year 3! To warm yourselves up and help get yourselves into the maths zone, please complete the small x tables warm up below; this time, the focus is on a mixture of x tables. 

After you have finished the warm up, please complete the main activity for today! It is a chance for you to consolidate your brilliant knowledge of the formal written method for adding and subtracting. Remember to show your workings out in your books, ensuring your use of place value is accurate! There is also a reasoning challenge available for those who wish to push themselves further.

Have a terrific Tuesday! 

Wednesday 3rd June - Multiplication and Division.
Good morning!

Once again, you have a quick starter to warm your brains up. When you have finished that, you will be consolidating the variety of methods we have used to calculate multiplication and division sums. Do as much or a little as you would like; the questions do get harder as you go down the sheet!

If you finish them quickly, then why not go on Times Tables Rockstars!

Have a great day! 

*A challenge sheet is now available for those who would like to be pushed further!

Thursday 4th June - Multiplying and Dividing a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number.
Good morning, year 3!

As usual, there is a times tables warm up for you to complete.

Today, you will be consolidating the variety of methods we have used to calculate multiplication and division questions which involve larger numbers.

Woah…. there is a lot there for you to complete, I know! But please do not worry! It may be that you decide to do section A and B of the multiplication sheet, and then section A and B of the division sheet. It is your own learning, so it is up to you! 😊

There is also a challenge with answers available for you to complete too!

Happy Thursday!

Friday 5th June - Captain Barnacle Patch's Recruitment!
Happy Friday!

Today, we are going to have a bit of fun and go on an adventure!

Captain Barnacle Patch is looking for new recruits to join his crew. However, you must solve all his multiplication and division problems he throws at you in order to join him on his voyage!

Are you up for the challenge?

(If you are finding some questions tricky, there are some clues you can use).

Good luck!