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Week 1- commencing 23rd March

Monday 23rd March

Your task today is to create a poster in your books about how to prepare for and what to do in case of an earthquake.

At the bottom of this page is a Powerpoint presentation which explains what people who live in earthquake areas do to prepare for an earthquake and what they do when one happens. Use this information to help you create your poster. Remember you can use colouring pencils if you wish to make your pictures stand out!

Tuesday 24th March

Today, you are going to create some volcano art! You can either do this in the home learning book you were given or on a piece of paper. You can decide what you are going to use- it can be colouring pencils, pens, pastels, even paint! Below is a document with example pieces of volcano art to help inspire you. 

Wednesday 25th March

Your task today is to research one natural disaster event that has happened in the past. It can be an earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, avalanche, hurricane etc.

There is a Powerpoint below which explains different natural disaster events that have happened in the past which you might like to use. Maybe you want to research a different natural disaster event that isn't on the Powerpoint?

It's entirely up to you how you present the information that you find out- you could make a poster, a fact file or even a leaflet! No matter what natural disaster event you choose or whichever way you present what you have learnt, make sure your work is as informative as possible!

Thursday 26th March

Below is a document with reasons for and against living near a volcano. Read each of the cards and discuss with an adult at home whether each is is a reason for or against. 

Once you have read all the cards, you need to write a paragraph in you book to answer the following question: Would you like to live near a volcano?  Make sure you give reasons to explain why you would or wouldn't. To help you write your paragraph, use the for and against cards that you discussed with an adult. 

For example- I would like to live near a volcano because I could get a job as a tour guide showing tourists around the volcano. I also know that scientists are very good at predicting when a volcano will erupt so they will be able to warn me in advance and I will have plenty of time to leave my home. Although I would be able to leave my home and evacuate the area, my house would be destroyed because I wouldn't be able to take it with me. That means that when I return to the area after the eruption, I would be homeless. 

Friday 27th March

It's time for some art! In your books or on a piece of paper, split your page into 6 sections. In each section, copy the patterns from the worksheet below.