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Week 02 (week beginning 30th March)

Monday - For this task I would like you to design an exercise circuit containing at least 6 exercises. Make sure you include some instructions/tips for each exercise. Have a go at it either on your own or with your family and then write a couple of sentences answering the following questions:

  • Did you find it easy or hard to complete? Why?
  • Did you enjoy having a go at the circuit you designed? Why/Why not?
  • Would you change anything if you were to complete this activity again? (e.g. different exercises/ different lengths of time/ a different order/ providing an option for an easier or harder exercise at each station).

Have a look at the example circuit below for some ideas. Could you include any pictures too?

Tuesday - Today we are simply asking you to reach out.

It is hard to stay inside at home all day and someone you know may be feeling lonely. Is there anybody you could write a letter to/ draw a picture for/ phone/ Facetime? Think of someone who you think would appreciate you letting them know that you are thinking of them and let them know!

If there is nobody that you know, perhaps you could write a letter or draw a picture to be delivered to a local care home for the elderly or hospital that are not able to have visitors. I am sure they would really appreciate the thought. 

This is not an activity that needs to be recorded in your book. 

Wednesday - Today I am going to be asking you to think about your diet and the diet of the ancient Maya people. Firstly, create a quick mind map with things from your diet (things that you eat). Next, have a read of the information below (diet information). This explains how what the Maya people ate changed over time. 

Your final task is to create a venn diagram which includes your diet, the Maya diet and both. Look at the example below for some help with how this should look. 

Thursday - This time you are going to have a go at some 'green sky thinking'. This means to think outside of the box. I would like you to select a random object from around the house. How many different things could this be? Be as creative as you can.  

Be as creative as you can - can you think of 10 different uses? 20? 30? 50?

For example. A ping pong ball could be:

  • a small cannonball for a miniature city
  • a tiny planet full of life that you can only see under a microscope
  • a ball that has had quite the journey from a ball pit and has a big story to tell
  • a communication system from the future

Friday - This half term we have been learning about instruments in French. Using your memory and the word bank to help you, draw the instruments from Les Instruments 1 and label them. There is an answer sheet available to check your answers afterwards. 

Challenge: list all the instruments you can find on Les instruments - find the instrument. You may only be able to spot the instruments you have revised today. You could come back to this challenge after the next French lesson (we will recap the other 5 instruments you learnt).