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Week 2- commencing 30th March

Monday 30th March 

Today, please read the text called ''The Tale of Custard the Dragon'' and then answer the questions. The text and questions are in the same document. 

Tuesday 31st March

Please read the text on the water cycle and then answer the questions. There are three levels of difficulty- 'mild', 'spicy' or 'hot'. You can choose which level you want to do. The text and answers are in the same document. On the last page of the document are the answers which either you or an adult can use once you are done to mark your answers. 

Wednesday 1st April 

In guided reading lessons at school, we have been reading the book 'Ice Palace' by Robert Swindells where the main character (Ivan) ran away from home to rescue his brother who had been kidnapped by Starjik. 

Today, you are going to plan a letter as Ivan to your parents and then you will write the letter tomorrow (Thursday). To help you remember the story and to help you plan the letter, below is the story up to the part we have read up to in school. 

Below is a plan for you to complete. On the plan, there are questions to help you plan what to write in each paragraph. You can also look back over the story to help you as well. You can either print out the plan and fill it in or copy and complete it into your book. If you are copying and completing the plan into your book, you don't need to copy the questions in red, just copy what is in black. 

*Please note, we have uploaded the Ice Palace book in both PDF and Word format. This is because we have found that depending on the device you are using, one will give you a better quality than the other. If you are finding the text a bit blurry, zoom out and it will make the writing clearer.*

Thursday 2nd April

Today you are going to write the letter that you planned yesterday. Remember, you are writing as if you are Ivan so make sure that you are writing in 1st person. To help remind you how to set out a letter, there is an example letter attached below. Make sure that you use the Year 4 writing targets (which can be found on the English home learning page) as these are the things that your teacher will be looking for when they read your letter.

Once you have finished your letter, make sure that you read through your work to check that no punctuation is missing and see if you can make any improvements.  

Friday 3rd April

Please go through the punctuating speech Powerpoint below. If you are feeling a bit unsure about how to punctuate speech, complete the mild task below. If you are feeling confident, complete the spicy task.