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Week 3- commencing 20th April

Monday 20th April

Today, please read the text called ''Harry Drinkwater's Diary'' and then answer the questions. The text and questions are in the same document. 

Tuesday 21st April

Mount Vesuvius is a volcano in Italy which famously erupted thousands of years ago, covering the nearby town of Pompeii in ash.

Please read the text on Mount Vesuvius and then answer the questions. There are three levels of difficulty- 'mild', 'spicy' or 'hot'. You can choose which level you want to do. The text and answers are in the same document. On the last page of the document are the answers which either you or an adult can use once you are done to mark your answers. 

Wednesday 22nd April

Yesterday's English task was to read and answer some questions about Mount Vesuvius in Italy. Today's task is for you to plan a newspaper report about the eruption before writing the newspaper report tomorrow (Thursday). 

To help you learn more about Mount Vesuvius' eruption in the year 79AD, attached below is a document called 'Facts about Mount Vesuvius' eruption'. There is also a document called 'Mount Vesuvius Eruption Timeline of Events' which explains what event happened when. There are also two Youtube videos you may wish to watch: This video explains what happened when Mount Vesuvius erupted. This video shows you an animation of what happened to the nearby town of Pompeii over a 24 hour period when Mount Vesuvius erupted. 

You may wish to do your own further research about Mount Vesuvius' eruption but hopefully these documents and videos will give you a good idea of what happened. 

Once you have researched about Mount Vesuvius' eruption, there is a plan for you to complete below. You can either print out the plan and fill it in or you can copy the plan into your books. If you are copying and completing the plan into your book, you don't need to copy what is in red, just copy what is in black. If you are a bit unsure of what to include in each part of your plan, have a look at the example newspaper report below about a different volcanic eruption that happened in 2018. 

Thursday 23rd April 

Today, you are going to write the newspaper report that you planned yesterday about Mount Vesuvius' eruption. To help you layout your newspaper report correctly, please have a look at the example newspaper report below. Remember that your newspaper report must have:

- The name of the newspaper (you can make this up).

-A snappy headline that will catch the readers' attention. 

-The date (which will need to be a date around the time that Mount Vesuvius erupted). 

- If you are including a picture in your newspaper report, make sure that you write a caption underneath it (a caption is one short sentence which describes what the picture is of). 

- Remember that quotes need speech marks around them because they are some one speaking. 

There is a newspaper report template below which you may want to use to write your report on, or you may wish you come up with your own format instead. Make sure that you also use the Year 4 writing targets (which can be found on the English home learning page).

Friday 24th April 

Today's task is on conjunctions. Please choose which level worksheet you would like to complete depending on how confident you feel (mild being the easiest and hot being the hardest).