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Week 4- commencing 27th April

Monday 27th April

Today, we would like you to research the famous artist Andy Warhol who was well-known for his pop art. Warhol's most iconic piece of artwork was of Marilyn Monroe, who was a famous actress. 

FAM EAST: Andy Warhol Children's Art Workshop

Below, there are two Powerpoints, a fact sheet and a link to a website about him to help you find out more about his life and his artwork. There is also a document with examples of his work. We would then like you to present what you have learnt about Andy Warhol in any way that you would like- this could be a fact file, a poster or even a Powerpoint presentation.

Tuesday 28th April

Today's task is to create a piece of artwork in the style of Andy Warhol who you researched yesterday. Think carefully about the techniques and style that Warhol used that you can use in your own picture. It is up to you what you use to create your drawings; you may choose to use colouring pencils, pens, paint, oil pastels etc. You can either do this on a piece of paper or in your workbook. 

Your success criteria is:

- Your picture must be of a person- this could either be yourself, a member of your family or a famous celebrity. 

- You must draw your chosen person multiple times like Warhol did in his own artwork. It's up to you how many times you draw them- it could be four times, eight times or even ten times. 

- In Warhol's artwork, his drawing of the person was always the same, it was just the colours he used that were different (see the example picture above of Marilyn Monroe). When drawing your chosen person, try to keep each drawing the same and only change the colours you use. 

Wednesday 29th April

Today, we would like you to try using origami to make an Ancient Egyptian pyramid out of paper. Origami is a Japanese form of art where paper is folded to make objects. Please watch and follow the step-by-step video below which will show you how to make your pyramid. Once you have made the pyramid, you may wish to decorate it. If you don't have a plain piece of paper at home, you can always take a page out of your workbook.

If you enjoyed today's origami task and are interested in making more objects, take a look at  This websites has step-by-step instructions of how to make hundreds of different things out of origami, from animals to pieces of food!

Thursday 30th April

Can you remember how to say the different months of the year in French? Take a look at the flashcards below to help remind you what the months of the year are in French. There is also a link below to a song to help you learn the names of the months.

Once you feel confident at knowing what they are, have a go at the worksheet below where you have to fill in the missing letters to spell each month correctly in French. You can then check your answers by looking back at the flashcards. Months of the year song in French!

Friday 1st May

There are two tasks for you to complete today:

Task 1: Below is a worksheet with different statements about sound.  You need to decide whether each statement is true or false and sort them into the following table: 

True False




Task 2: For the statements which you decided were false, please re-write them to make them true. 

Once you have completed both tasks, use the answer sheet below to check and mark your work. 

Some of the statements are about pitch. If you cannot remember from our science lessons how pitch can be changed and what factors affect pitch, there is a Powerpoint below to help you. There are also two videos you can watch: