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Week 6 Beginning 11th May

On Monday please read "Mars: The Red Planet" and answer the questions. As usual, there is a 1,2 and 3 star set of questions for you to choose from. The answers are also included.

We are continuing to use the short film, Beyond the Lines, to inspire our writing. On Tuesday, imagine you are a soldier, serving in the war, and write a letter home to a loved one.

On Wednesday, use the PowerPoint to help you to revise the use of similes and metaphors. The PowerPoint contains one and two star challenges for you to try. Then use your learning to complete the activity sheet, creating similes and metaphors related to the film.

On Thursday, read the poem the grandfather wrote about his trunk full of letters. Use the table and word bank provided to help you think of ideas you could use in your own poem about the trunk. You could include some of the similes and metaphors you created on Wednesday.

On Friday please continue to choose a reading activity from your CGP books.