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Week 8- commencing 1st June

Monday 1st June

This week, we are going to be looking at the world of spies and at the end of this week, you will be writing your own spy story! To start, please read the story below called Mission Possible, which is about two children, who are secretly spies, working for the British Government.  

There is lots of information that we don't know about the characters in the story Mission Possible, such as their age and where they live. Your task today is to complete a character profile for two of the characters from the story. The character profiles for you to complete are attached below (there are four characters to choose from but remember that you only need to choose two of these to complete). You can make up any information that you don't know (such as their age or where they live). The character profiles don't need to be printed out; you can draw a picture of the character into your exercise book and complete the information underneath your drawing. 

There is an example character profile attached for Willy Wonka, one of the characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to help give you an idea of how to complete your own character profiles. 

Tuesday 2nd June

Yesterday, you looked in more detail at some of the characters in the story Mission Possible by creating character profiles. Some of these characters were goodies (Polly Powers and Pete Powers) and some were baddies (Dodgy Roger and Raucus Reggie). Today, you are going to think of names for your own characters that you will use in your spy story later on this week. Copy and complete the following table into your exercise books, thinking of names that you could call your characters. Remember that names need capital letters as they are proper nouns!

Names for good characters (goodies) Names for bad characters (baddies)

Now you have came up with a selection of different names, please choose which names you want to go with; you can have more than one goodie and baddie, like in the story Mission Possible, or you may only have one goodie and one baddie- it's completely up to you!

For the names of the characters that you have chosen to use, you are going to create a character profile for each of them. Have a look back at the ones you completed yesterday and the example one for Willy Wonka, which is attached below, to help remind you what a character profile looks like. You will need to draw a picture of each character into your exercise book and then underneath each drawing write the following: 

-the character's name

- their age

- where they live

- whether they have siblings (brothers or sisters)

- their appearance (what they look like)

- their personality (what they are like)

Wednesday 3rd June

Please have a look at and complete the punctuating speech worksheet below. You don't need to print the worksheet out; you can always write your answers into your exercise book. 

Thursday 4th June

Today, you are going to plan your own spy story. To do this, please use the planning sheet which is attached below. You can either print out the plan and fill it it, or copy and complete the grid into your exercise book (you do not need to copy the columns in red, just the ones in black). 

If you are struggling to think of ideas to include in your story, why don't you have a go at rewriting the story Mission Possible, but changing some key ideas/ events. For example, you could change the names of the characters, change the item that they are trying to retrieve, change what their special secret is etc. 

Friday 5th June

Today, you are going to write your spy story that you planned yesterday. Make sure that you use the Year 4 writing targets, which can be found on the English home learning home page. Once you have finished writing, be sure to read through and edit and improve your work, checking your punctuation and spellings carefully.