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Week 9 Beginning 8th June

Monday : As we head towards summer, we think about what events normally happen. Every 4 years we have the Olympics, an event that many of us love to watch and wonder if we could one day participate in. This year, they should be in Tokyo and there will be many athletes who will be absolutely devastated that they are not going ahead after training so hard for years. So let's think of them and cast our minds back to 2016 when the Olympics were in Rio.

On Tuesday, complete a reading activity from your CGP book. Choose an appropriate text and be honest when checking your answers and well done for your commitment to your learning. 

On Wednesday, we will play some language games to develop our poetry writing skills.

On Thursday, first look at the PowerPoint on figurative language. There is then an activity sheet on personification, which is a useful technique to use when writing poetry. When you open the document, there is a choice of one, two or three star activities so you can choose how much you want to challenge yourself. The answers are provided on the last page.

On Friday, we will look at some more writing techniques before putting all of our ideas together to write a poem with a repeating pattern.