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Week beginning 8th June

This week, we are revising some topics that we completed in the autumn term. This week, you will cover: addition, subtraction, using rounding to estimate/approximate and using the inverse. You definitely need a break from fractions, decimals and percentages. 

Like previous weeks, your maths learning is going to come directly from the White Rose maths website. On the 'Home Learning' tab, please navigate your way to 'Year 5' and then 'Week 7'. This week's documents are from the 'alternative options'. As usual, there will be access to a video to help you. In the folders on the right-hand side, each lesson will include questions that mirror the content from the video.

Below, I have also provided some differentiated worksheets to go alongside each lesson. So, if you want some slightly easier questions, please choose the sheets with questions 1a-4b or if you want a big challenge, choose the sheet with questions 9a-12b on. At the bottom of each document, there is an answer sheet. Please complete the 'Varied Fluency' sheets first and use the 'Reasoning and Problem-Solving' question sheets as an extension (if you want to do more). 

Try to do as much as you can independently but ask for help if you are stuck. Try to aim for between 30-45 minutes of maths learning each day.

For any maths related questions, please email Mr Turner at