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Year 4 Maths - Week 07 beginning 18th May

As you will see there are now new tabs on the right hand side for each day. This is to make it easier to see the work set for each particular day as the list of documents does become quite long towards the end of the week depending on how many documents are included. We hope this is helpful. 

This week we are carrying on a little longer with fractions, putting our learning about fractions of a quantity from Friday into practice with more fluency and then some 'real-life' word problems before moving to tenths and thousands. 

Wednesday to Friday looks a little different. We are trialling the White Rose Maths Home Learning material. For each day there is a document with instructions to access the website. Please follow the link and you will find your way to the right place (hopefully...). 

Within each day there will be a teaching video to watch, the activity sheet to complete (answers provided) and two more tasks. This might seem overwhelming, but please do what you can. There is no expectation that all worksheet will be completed. It just gives the opportunity for those who would like to do it all can. The activity sheet and Task 1 are the most important. Please remember that you do not have to print these pages, you can just write the answer in your exercise books. 
I hope you find it helpful and fun. Please direct any questions to